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IN 100SE Silver

  • Model: Atoll IN 100SE Silver
  • Shipping Weight: 10kg

Atoll IN 100SE - high-end integrated amplifier

The IN100SE's high-capacity power supply reproduces all the energy of the original live performance. The superb balance means that what you hear always correponds to reality. And the whole sound is enhanced by an extremely tight and cohérent stereo image.

Fully symmetric design with discrete components, double-mono configuration after rectification, differential input stage with bipolar transistor, MOS-FET transistor output stage. All electronic operate with a very low rate of feedback, lower than 6 dB. The controls (potentiometer and source selector) are made by ALPS, a world-class reference.

The power supply is aslo particularly well designed. All our systems are equipped with low flux toroïdal transformer and high value snap-in capacitors.

Optional: Universal remote control (on serial) for all ATOLL products (Preamp., Integrated, Tuner, CD players)

Power Wrms/channel/8 Ω 100 W
Power Wrms/channel/4 Ω 140 W
Impulse power
180 W
Power supply (VA) 660
Total capacity (µF) 30 000
Number of inputs 4 + 1 monitor
Input impedance (kΩ) 47
Sensibility (mV) 100
Rising time (µs) 2,5
Bandwith 5 Hz - 100 kHz
Output level (0dB) -
Signal/noise (dBA) 100
Weight (kg) 10
Dimensions (mm) 440x90x270
Remote control option

Available in black or silver.


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