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AM 200SE Black

  • Model: Atoll AM 200SE Black
  • Shipping Weight: 12kg

Atoll AM 200SE - high-end power amplifier

The ATOLL AM 200SE has outwardly impresses with 8mm thick aluminum front in the Bi-color design and the steel housing with 2 mm wall thickness. It is the mechanical basis for the intrinsic values as discrete, fully balanced amplifier units convincing. course in double mono amplifier units run separately for both left and right.

Aluminium front panel of 8 mm and complete steel chassis of 1,5 mm; Fully symmetrical stages with discrete components; Double pair of MOS-FET transistors per channel on outputs; 2 Torroļdal transformers, double-mono configuration; Possibility of mono bridge.

Power Wrms / ch. / 8 ohms (230v) 120 W
Power Wrms / ch. / 4 ohms (230v) 200 W
Alimentation 660 VA
Total of capacitors 62 000 µF
Number of Inputs 2
Input Impedance 220 kohms
Sensitivity 500 mV
Rate Signal/Noise 100 dB
Distorsion at 1kHz 0,005%
Frequency Response 5Hz-100kHz
Rise Time 1,5µs
Dimensions 440*90*280mm
Weight 12 Kg

Available in black or silver.


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