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G61R Silver

  • Model: Meridian G61R Silver
  • Shipping Weight: 9kg

G61R Surround Controller

Meridian Audio invented the digital surround processor, and the G61R represents extraordinary value. It is an ideal choice for those who want the processing capability of a Meridian digital surround controller but do not need the tuner, multi-zone and video switching capabilities of the G68.

Central to the G61R is a powerful DSP engine made up of five Motorola 56367 devices and one 56371, running at 150MHz and delivering 900MIPS (million instructions per second). All processing is carried out at high sample rates and with up to 48-bit precision, far beyond human hearing. This DSP engine is also responsible for G61Rís comprehensive bass management system which can support up to three separate subwoofers, and for managing up to 60 filters created by Meridianís Room Correction software.

G61R includes multiple analogue and digital audio inputs including Meridian SmartLink for multichannel connection to one of Meridianís advanced DVD players such as G96, or for connection to a Meridian HD621; USB audio input for direct connection to personal computers or computer-based media servers; Toslink optical digital inputs for connection to set-top boxes, etc; and configurable multichannel analogue inputs for connection to multichannel audio sources. All analogue inputs are processed at 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution.

HDMI audio sources can be connected to G61R via Meridianís HD621 HDMI Audio Processor and Meridianís digital multichannel SmartLink.

Providing up to eight channels of output for Meridianís DSP Loudspeakers via SpeakerLink, G61R can control any of Meridianís most sophisticated multichannel systems. For customers with traditional power amplifiers and passive loudspeakers, G61R offers analogue output for up to eight channels on phono connectors.

G61R is available in G Series anodised Silver or Black finishes.


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