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Triton EVO

  • Model: Ayon Audio | Triton EVO
  • Shipping Weight: 45kg

We are proud to introduce our latest third-generation integrated amplifier, the Triton III. This design presents a substantial upgrade to our very popular Triton II stereo integrated amplifiers, highly-regarded for providing world class performance in a beautiful-engineered, compact, and elegant package. All the gain stages have been re-designed and optimized as well to provide for the shortest signal path and the most direct signal flow. The result is a significant advance in sonic performance, wider and deeper airy soundstage with greatly improved powerful bass punch and dynamics. Musical finesse and superb powerful performance has been combined without compromise into one convenient chassis and affordable pricing. Compared with many top grade integrated amplifiers, the Triton III is a mid-priced unit, but we are confident that value and musical performance is approached maybe by few KT150 designs only, regardless of cost.

Full-featured pure class-A tube stereo integrated amp or pure power amplifier
Switchable between pentode and triode mode
Ideal also for more difficult loudspeaker loads

Vacuum Tubes
The choice of signal and power tubes have a significant influence on the sound and hence on the inspiration and joy of listening. This is not only the decision between good and bad tubes but finally the interaction of the different types of tubes and their combination that are used in the various Ayon amplifiers.

Signal Path
We believe that the simplest circuits work best together with the shortest signal path. The shorter the signal path is, the less possibility of sonic degradation from various sources, including the wire itself. Even on the circuit boards, the copper traces are kept to a very minimum length. The completely redesigned circuit board provides a more straightforward and direct approach to the signal paths.

Logical sequenced soft-start power up for extended tube life
Power tube and electronic protection circuit system
0dB negative feedback (of any kind )
Ultra short signal path
Simplest direct circuit path for purest musical sound and high reliability
No solid state devices in the signal path
High current and low impedance design that operates tubes in the best areas their curves
Minimal discrete wiring for optimum signal propagation
Automatic and manual bias adjustment
No followers or buffers in the signal path
High quality parts throughout
Selector switch engages relays located near RCA jacks to switch all inputs
Power Supply
The power supplies have been further refined with new components and enhanced AC line noise filtration. Separate power transformers, chokes and filters provide total isolation between the input and output stages which makes this a pure power source. We also use electrolytic capacitors with much larger storage capacity to make up for the loss in filtering when using resistors in lieu of inductors.

2 separate low noise –insulated power transformers
Power transformers are encased, excellent damped and RFI/EMI shielded
Innovative power supply provides a high speed energy delivery on transients
Dual choke filtered power supply for power tubes
Choke for pre and driver stage
Separate and isolated power supplies over each stage of amplification
Regulated DC filament supplies with soft start
AC power line filter to avoid noise and hash from entering into the unit.
High capacitance energy storage.
Current in-rush limiting
Auto sequencing - Power on cycle completes in 1 minute
Dual Grounding System
The modification of the grounding topology leads to increased rejection of noise from the power supply and other areas. The dual grounding topology used in all of our amplifiers is quite unique to the whole hi-end tube amplification industry. Such extensive topology provides for quieter backdrop for which the music can unfold in its entirety. It further establishes the quick and controlled bass response and the full bodied expression of the high frequency. The ground leg of the signal has not been neglected and given meticulous attention in its implementation. The importance of proper grounding cannot be over emphasized.

Ground switch
Central one-point star earth grounding
Dual grounding system (switchable)
Output Transformer
The super-wide bandwidth output transformer’s major strength is that it can deliver the current in the bass, while at the same time maintaining the speed in the high frequencies, dramatically improving the square wave response of the amplifier. The effect is a much more natural and relaxed sound with much better clarity, resolution and fluidity.

Super-wide bandwidth high performance output transformer
High efficiency with low insertion loss for optimal current and voltage transfer
Multiple tight layering and coupling for extended frequency response
Output transformers are sealed with an anti-resonance compound material
The type of parts used therefore must have a synergistic relationship to the circuit they are placed in. It is this relationship of which type of part to use where, that ranks our products apart from the mass.

Selected, premium quality passive components used in all applications
High speed & high quality audiophile grade coupling capacitors
Special tube sockets with beryllium- copper spring pins, custom made by Ayon
Ayon high quality – binding posts
High quality – RCA input jack
Neutrik/Swiss - XLR chassis connectors
Special isolated - internal wiring
Silver-copper matrix - internal signal cable
Gold-plated industrial grade PCB
All wiring to the circuit boards is done with the use of special pluggable pin- connectors.
This is done for easy of repair should ever the need arise.
High Grade Speaker Binding Posts
The new ayon gold plated solid body speaker binding posts provide performance levels that are truly in the very High End. The solid body construction ensures that there is no gap or breach in the flow of electrons. The gold plating provides for superior contact and resistance to oxidation. These binding posts are chosen primarily for their sonic performance, edging out even more expensive counterparts.

Mechanical Construction
The high grade aluminum chassis impart a richer, more lustrous tonality with a cleaner background and less hash and grain. All brushed anodized anti-vibration-resonance and non-magnetic chassis’s are fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship.

Improved heat ventilation chassis
Custom-made machined control knobs
The aluminium feet are resonance absorbing types
Backlit “ayon” logo
All front & rear panel descriptions are engraved
4 line inputs & 1 direct input - for pure power amp operation
Ground switch
AC phase polarity control indicator
Volume & Mute function - RC
Metal remote commander
Chassis finish: black / chrome

Class of Operation: Triode* or Pentode mode, Class-A*
Tube Complement: 8 x KT88
Load Impedance: 4 & 8 Ohms
Bandwidth: 8Hz-70kHz
Output Power:Pentode mode KT88 2 x 100 W
Output Power:Triode mode KT88 2 x 60 W
Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 60 kHz
Input Impedance at 1 kHz 100 KΩ
Input sensitivity (full power): 1V
NFB: 0dB
Volume Control: Potentiometer
Remote Control: Yes
Inputs: 3 x Line IN, 1 x XLR IN, 1 x Direct IN,
Outputs: 1 x Pre Out
Dimensions (WxDxH) 51x41x25 cm
Weight: 45 kg

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