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  • Model: Jungson JA-10/JA-200
  • Shipping Weight: 152.5kg

JungSon JA-10/JA-200 Reference Class A Pre- And Power Amplifier set

The JA-10/JA200 Reference Pre/Power Amp combo, the finest JungSon product in high-end audio, offering the latest technological designs and highest possible performance.

This super flag-ship of JungSon Hi-Fi amplifiers has two completely separated and symmetry Class A circuits. Take a good look under the cover of the JA-10/JA-200 and you will see premium quality components arranged with symmetrical precision. To achieve that our engineers have to evaluate 10,000 pairs of capacitors and resisters to seek out only 600 precisely identical pair for the circuitry. We call this conscientious attention to detail balanced design.

On top of the fully balanced signal transmission and amplification, the amplifiers are equipped with JungSon’s outstanding non-negative feedback design that can minimize the signal distortion and disturbance to a negligible level. With dual mono power supplies of 200W from each channel, the JA-10/ JA-200 delivers typical Class-A sweet music with perfect sound stages, warm transparency, tube-like smoothness and tremendously dynamic performance, even with the most difficult-drive speakers.

JungSon’s unique Class A fully symmetric and non-negative feedback and fully balanced output design
Enormous 200W Class A output power per channel
Balanced (XLR) and Un-balanced (RCA) inputs and outputs
World renowned audio components, including ELNA 280,000F filter capacitors (Japan), Rubycon & Elon Jenson couple capacitors (Japan & Denmark), Sanken semiconductors (Japan), Motorola semiconductors (US) and Jensen cable (Denmark)
JungSon’s 2,000 VA patented square transformer, 12 mm thick copper/aluminum heat sink plate and gold-coated input and output terminals
Volume control with American Jeff Roland’s electron potential remote control technology
A laser-carved nature wood remote control
Brilliantly polished triple-chromed stainless steel front panel
Ocean blue LED output power meter

Power: 200w per channel (Class A MonoBloc, RMS at 8 Ω)
THD: ≤ 0.02% (1kHz/W pre/power balanced output)
S/N Ratio: ≥ 100dB (A)
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz (±0.5dB)
Input Impedence: 100Ω
Output Impedence: 2 - 8 Ω
Voltage: 220 - 240V ± 10%
Dimensions (WxDxH):
JA-10 Pre Amplifier: 430×360×180mm
JA-200 Power Amplifier: 520×400×270mm
JA-10 Pre Amplifier: 12.5kg
JA-200 Power Amplifier: 140kg (Two Monoblocs)


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