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Purer 3.8MK Black

  • Model: Bada Purer 3.8MK Black
  • Shipping Weight: 35kg

Bada Purer 3.8 A class remote controlled integrated high-end amplifier.

The limited edition has the circuit structure with 06 edition amplifier,but uses more particular material, most of the Germany M-cap coupling capacitance use in Preamp are replaced by USA Kimber capacitance, use Russia 6SN7 tube replace the homemade tube in voltage amplification, sound is exquisite ,full,sence of the level is much better.To redound customers,the manufacturer offer one set of Hifi OCC cable( Power cord value 780RCA cable value 780, Speaker cable value 780) as free gift,upgrade amplifier at once.The brand of 20 anniversaries limited edition is silver white metallic paint(the difference with 06 editon),for the 06 edition is black font painting.

The appearance of a distinct personality
For a high-level power amplifier, its appearance and musical performance is equally important,for established businesses as amplifier,not many innovative appearance design.However famous foreign brands,all have its own flagship product,its shape fully show their brand personality and values.The appearance of Bada Purer3.8 can totally show the style of homemade flagship products,a unique appearance.Noble, solid panels, a huge arc-shaped radiator and fine line teeth, panel scaleboard with perfect precision and noble,valuable knob,arc-shaped audio instructions area,cone unti-shock foot, harmony color and exquisite technology, all have been carefully designed,exudes the charm of the Hi-end machine, no matter you look from which angle, its very beautiful, excellent, reflecting the great progress of sound in China.

Feature of circuit
Purer3.8 is tube amplifier of a unique design, from pre input and voltage amplification to current amplification are all completed by vacuum tube, while the output is using a new design of the electronic impedance converter.
As everyone knows, the sound of tube amp is sweet,bonny, but the output transformer is bulky, manufacturing process is complex, and it also has inherent drawbacks. Hysteresis characteristics of the transformer core will slow the low-frequency and phase shift, the intensity and speed of low-frequency is limited. The magnetic leakage, leakage and the distributed capacitance between the transformer coil will be influenced,and will lead to the of poor high-frequency response and distortion. Purer3.8 adopt new design concept,use electronic impedance converter circuit to replace the traditional output transformers.Not only can achieve the purpose of impedance matching, but also good to avoid the own shortcomings of transformer. Make the musics frequency response straight-wide,distortion and phase shift is small,make the playback of music be high-fidelity.

Using unique designed tube amplifier circuit, output using the electronic impedance matching devices, flat frequency response, low distortion phase shift. Preamp tube using proverbial 12AU7, 12AU7 has wide frequency response, samll distortion and big power,voltage amplification using rich flavor 6SN7, current output using El34 which taste is close to 300B, the high-voltage power supply for tube using a constant current source of high-speed low-resistance power supply, adjusting tube using two parallel big current power tube, smaller resistance, high stability ,fast current supply, fully perform the excellent taste of the vacuum tube.Impedance transformation adopt pure Class A,can give full play match with tube amplify circuit,has both the tube soft, charming voice and strength of the transistor circuit and transient, is a perfect combination, sound field, location, music sense all have good performance.

Collected materials are used in this machine, input choose lossless relay control, the volume control using high-quality ALPS motor potentiometer, also using a variety of world-class components for tuning, including the United States DALE resistors, Campbell KIMBER KAP (or the United States Multicap) topgrade capacitance, CMC signal terminals, the German WIMA MKP10 (audio only) capacitance, Bada expensive five-star single-crystal copper RCA cable, Philips, SOLEN advanced acoustic Capacitor to adjust the sound. To reach the real world of Hi-end.
Purer3.8 also has a very unique feature that is the adjustment of A current.set A1 10W and A2 80W two position, chosen at random. A1 suitable for those who are environmentally friendly, A2 dedicated to meet Hi-Fi fans. And can be used as a separate high-quality preamplifier or a hybrid amplifier, a multi-purpose machine. There is a balanced input terminals, equipped with remote control functions, with all functions of modern high-level amplifier, in line with modern tastes, is a amplifier pursuit the full range of Hi-end.

Heavy-weight structure
The whole chassis of Purer3.8 except the bottom plate uses thick iron plate, the other all use aluminum alloy, scientific and reasonable case structure, firm, giving the feeling of hevry-weight.Firm and stable body has nice unti-shock function, and tapered foot of the machine will further reduce the vibration of the machine, lay a foundation for the beautiful sound,which is an important part of design of a modern Hi-end amplifier The structure of inside machine is a bold innovation, with a strong power supply system, two big power transformer supply left and right channel separately, pre-amp is charged by R-type transformer. Each part has independent power supply, reduce the crosstalk between each part. Purer3.8 see from the outside is a integrated power amplifier, but before and after the class is separated from the internal design, but from inside its preamp and amp separate designed,not only can be used as a integrated amplifier,but also as a separate high-quality tube preamp and bybrid amplifier,a multi-purpose machines, to increase the fun when playing hifi.The power tube of amplifier distribute in the symmetrical radiator, the inside layout of machine is very reasonable and beautiful, separately design for the circuit part and transformer, and thick iron plate for isolation. The circuit distributes in the latter part, three power transformers are based in the fore part, non-interfering. And different in approach but equally satisfactory in result with power segregate design ,more accurate sound field positioning.

The distribution of the each circuits are to follow the priciple of shortest single run, minimum interference,which is badas tips whick accumulated over eight years, also the guidelines of all the Hi-end amplifier design.


Output power: A class 80W +80 W (8)
AB-type 130W +130 W (8)
Distortion: 0.6%
Frequency Response: 10Hz-35kHz (-1dB)
Signal to noise ratio:90dB (A standard)


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