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  • Model: Classic No.16.2
  • Shipping Weight: 21kg

Classic No.16.2 Integrated Tube Amplifier

At final stage it uses directly heated vacuum tubes, 300B as single-end amplification, and uses 6SN7 tubes as pre-amplification. Without total loop feedback, its transient intermodulation distortion is very low. Its output power is 9Watt.The transformer of No.16.2 can be called a masterpiece designed in house at Beijing Yushang Co. The silicon steel sheets the transformer adopts are high silicon orientation ones with a minimum magnetic induction intensity of 1.9T. On the aspect of dynamic and static test, special coil structure and winding method makes the transformer exceed the most excellent transformers available.

To protect the tubes and the unit, as well as to ensure tubes service life, the Classic No.16.2 has a testing system for final stage plate and a tube-usage-time display system. Any component and its design show the characteristics of uncompromisingness.

The No.16.2 has a display system for monitoring tube usage time, the systems core is a piece of eight-bit monolithic device and a five-digit LED display shows the time with the longest displayed time in 99,999 hours. After you turn on the unit, the system can accumulate time and save data during the unit is turned off. It also has the function to turn/off LED and reset. To avoid troubles caused by over-used tubes, the system can be used to monitor the tubes usage time in order to remind users to replace tubes in time.

The Classic No.16.2 continues to use the creative sandwich structure that designed for No.16.0, with an aluminum plate of 10mm in thick, which looks dignified, luxurious and rich. The layout of the three transformers is an inverted pyramid shape which delivers superb thermal-distribution.

The sound performance of the Classic No.16.2 is full, rich, detailed and clear, fully showing the magic only found in vacuum tube single-end amplifiers.

300B single-end amplification
Without total loop feedback
Capacitors used, M-Cap - Philips - Jenzen, etc..
Transformers with frequency response at 5Hz-56Khz and lower distortion at high frequency.
Headphone socket.
Time-delay function when on turn-on to prolong vacuum tube life
Tube usage time accumulator to easy monitor vacuum tube service life

Tubes: 300B*2 6SN7*3
Power: 9.5W(RMS)*2
Frequency Response: 5Hz¡ª56KHz(-3db 7.5W)
Harmonic Distortion:(THD+N)£º1%(1KHz 2W)
S/N: 80db(without weight)
Net Weight: 21Kg


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