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  • Model: Classic No.260
  • Shipping Weight: 35kg

The Classic No.260 features a current feedback topology, a mind blowing 5Hz-4.5MHz frequency range and a very high 320V/us slew rate.

The power supply employs a 900VA toroid transformer for the output stage and a separate R-Core transformer for the input stages.

Some of the components used:

- Nichicon Muse
- Rubycon ZL
- Dale resistors
- Sanken 2SC2922/2SA1216
- Schottky type rectifiers

Rated output power: 150W (8ΩRMS) 300W (4ΩRMS) (20Hz-20KHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.03% (20Hz-20KHz 150W 8Ω)
Power frequency response: 3Hz-200KHz (-1.5dB 150W 8Ω)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 110dB (A-Weighting 20Hz-20KHz)
Damping factor: 350 (20Hz-20KHz 8Ω)
Input sensitivity / input impedance: 325mV/20K (unbalanced); 650mV/10K (balance)
Input Interfaces: 4 (RCA unbalanced); 1 (XLR balanced)
Voltage Gain: 32.5dB
AC input voltage: 220V50Hz (visual sold mains of the situation can not by consumers or dealers to adjust to factory settings)
Power consumption: 88W (no output) (220V50Hz); 880W (300W * 2 4Ω)
Power fuse Specifications: FUSE1 15A250V *; FUSE2 0.5A250V * 1; FUSE3 1A250V *
Dimensions: 434mm (W) 199mm (H) 485mm (D)
Net weight: 35Kg

Remote control
Model: RC-201
remote control distance: 15m
functions: switch; mute control; volume control; input selection
Dimensions: 40mm (W) 200mm (H) x 20mm (D)
Battery: SIZE AAA 2


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