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Unico 50 Black

  • Model: Unico 50 Black
  • Shipping Weight: 25kg

Not yet another Unico. Even if I can hear someone complain about too many Unico, so much that you cannot really call it Unico [only one, unique] any more. This can be true for a common piece of electronic but it cant be applied to a high class product. This is why were proud to introduce this new born Unison Research amplifier.
Every new article entering the market (not only the Hi-Fi market) is presented as a revolutionary novelty, every designer or manufacturer claims its last product to be the breaking point. Unico50 is a revolutionary breaking point in the Unico series. And this is not rhetoric.

In designing the Unico50 the Unison Research technical staff has done much more than designing a new amplifier. They set the starting point of a completely new course.

Lets start from the more evident features and keep the best for later.
The Unico50 is a powerful stereo integrated amplifier fitted in a compact chassis. Perfectly integrated in the last generation of higher level Unico line, it matches the dimensions of UnicoCDE or UnicoPRE showing a well proportioned looking and easy to integrate appeal.
Not scared by the challenge of combining aesthetic needs and technical requirement, the design staff took the cumbersome oversized heatsinks and turned them into a distinctive and representative trait of the Unico50: black anodized custom designed side panels perfectly integrated in the whole structure as a sign of strength and sturdiness.
The impression of concentrated power and reliability perceived at the first glance will be confirmed at the first touch by the weight of the Unico50 (nearly the same of the Unico100) and by the feeling of the control interface designed around a pair of solid aluminium knobs driving a couple of heavy duty rotary encoders by ALPS especially selected for their high reliability and precise and firm operation.

Available in silver or black finish

◦Output power: 120W RMS on 8ohm
◦200W RMS on 4ohm
◦350W RMS on 2ohm
◦Pre stage: Pure A Class
◦zero feedback
◦Power stage: Dynamic A Class
◦Inputs: 4 line unbalanced
1 line balanced
◦Line Outputs: 1 tape
1 sub (volume controlled)
◦Outputs connectors: 4 + 4 for bi-wiring
◦Feedback factor: zero
◦Power consumption: 1000W max
◦Dimensions: 17.1in x 5.1in x 17in
◦Net weight: 25kg


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