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Crystal Cube Integrated Amplifier

  • Model: CrystalConnect | Crystal Cube Integrated Amplifier
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The compact, cuboid chassis of the CCI (CrystalConnect Integrated) amplifier delivers both space and thermal efficiency. It allows us to use an optically decoupled, standing bias, Class AB output topology derived directly from the state-of-the-art Siltech SAGA’s revolutionary Light Drive output stage. Despite its substantial 100 Watt/channel rating, its clever cooling design and extensive protection means that the Cube chassis can be placed almost anywhere – in a cupboard, on a bookshelf, even with books on either side…

The fully balanced line-stage offers six inputs, each with individual gain settings, while software controlled relays totally isolate unused source components for optimum sound quality. Each stage of the amplifier, as well as the control circuitry, has its own independent, dedicated power supply. These are sophisticated Power Factor Corrected switch-mode designs, totally enclosed and heavily shielded.

The result is a single chassis amplifier whose advanced circuitry and technology allows it to rival the musical performance of many high-end separates at many times its price – in a compact, place anywhere package of unprecedented practicality.

Integration Re-imagined

S.A.G.A topology, technology and sound in a single box
Compact dimensions and thermal efficiency allow remarkably versatile placement – to go with the remarkable performance!
Independent Control Interface allows remote control and status readout.
Light Drive optically decoupled DC supply.
Fully balanced line-stage with three XLR and three RCA inputs.
100 Watts/ch standing-bias, Class A/B output stage
Siltech’s S.A.G.A. attracted significant attention and not a few accolades on its launch, marking not just a novel combination of tubes, batteries and switch-mode supply, but genuinely new topology (the S.A.G.A. separated voltage and current gain stages) and technology in the shape of the Light Drive optically decoupled DC generator. But the S.A.G.A system was complex, costly and demanded at least three boxes…

The Cube Controller – a new twist on control. Once you have an amplifier that can be hidden almost anywhere, you need more than just a remote control. The Cube Controller is a full function control interface, employing two-way communication with the amplifier chassis. That means as well as total control of the amplifier it gives the user complete status and volume information. Remote range and power are exceptional, while a touch sensitive membrane on the upper surface of the controller covers tactile, latched switches for functionality, provides a circular finger track for level and the centrally placed volume readout. The Cube Controller isn’t just clever – it is also curiously compact, solidly tactile and unbelievably cute.

All-singing, all-dancing, musical performance – rather than just an ever longer facilities list. When it comes to recent integrated amplifiers a lot of attention has gone into integration, not so much into the amplification. But building A to D and D to A capability into an integrated amplifier, as well as Class D output stages, might make it look good on paper, but presents real obstacles when it comes to delivering serious, high-end musical performance. The CCI is all about performance: from its fully-complementary line-stage to its standing-bias Class A/B output stage, it’s optically decoupled Light-Drive

DC supply to its individually configurable and independently isolated inputs, it is all about maximizing musical performance. The result is a single chassis amplifier whose advanced circuitry and technology really does allow it to rival the musical performance of many high-end separates at many times its price – in a compact, place anywhere package of unprecedented practicality.

The CCI and Cube Controller are only the core components in the Crystal Cube System. The next step is an equally innovative approach to handling the many different digital source options. Just as the Siltech S.A.G.A started by completely reassessing the existing assumptions that govern amplifier topology – to dramatic effect – the Crystal Cube System questions every aspect of integrated amplification, producing some surprising yet astonishingly effective answers.

After experiencing the operational elegance and remarkable performance of the Crystal Cube System, you’ll never look at integrated amplifiers in the same way again.

Technical Details

Amplifier DF=200 (20-20k)
Frequency range CD-200kHz
Cross talk > 80dB (not final)
IM > 0.003% @ 10W in 8 Ohm
Square wave overshoot=0% (best) Capacitive load stable (forESL)
Output noise at zero volume < 12uV IHF-A
Power consumption will play average efficiency loudspeaker at 95dB 100W (Class-A)
Max power consumption 600VA
Power in Standby 22W
Power full off < 0.1W

Full aluminium body, adodized and/or gold plated
PC boards gold plated, produced by ESA company
In and outputs gold plated
Inner wiring for audio CrystalConnect's Monocrystal Absolute Dream
All resistors designed for audio (Japan)
Ultra-low ESR (Japan) capacitors for low noise power supply
Ultra-low noise relays for input and output switching.

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