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Transrotor Headphone Amp

  • Model: Transrotor Headphone Amp
  • Shipping Weight: 5kg

Transrotor high-end headphone amplifier with build-in equalizer.

The unit works with a voltage-controlled amplifier, signaling pathways are extremely short.
The long-term stable pots provide a perfect control voltage.

In addition to the normal function as a headphone amplifier, the unit has two outputs (RCA): a fixed and a variable input.
The unit can be used as a looped sound and balance control.

There may be weaknesses in a recording or you can tailor the sound to your taste using the equalizer fuction.

Variable output directly to a power amp / active speakers can be connected, so the unit can also be used as a pre-amplifier with tonal control.

- The headphone output provides 200mA at 5-10 ohms. It works perfectly with all standard headphones.
- Volume has a control range of -80 dB to +20, Channel balance 0.4 <
- Balance adjustment + / - 10 db
- Sound tuning operates at low frequencies from 100 Hz (10 dB range) and high freq. from 8 kHz (10 dB range)
- Defeat button bypasses both tonal and balance control.

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