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Transrotor Headphone Amp

  • Model: Transrotor Headphone Amp
  • Shipping Weight: 5kg

Transrotor high-end headphone amplifier with build-in equalizer.

The unit works with a voltage-controlled amplifier, signaling pathways are extremely short.
The long-term stable pots provide a perfect control voltage.

In addition to the normal function as a headphone amplifier the Transrotor headphone amplifier offers two outputs (RCA) one fixed and one variable which can be adjusted in volume. The unit can be used as a sound and balance control.

With the balance control weaknesses of the original recording can be compensated or you can adjust the sound to your taste using the equalizer function. If the unit is used without mains power the signal is looped through without losses.

Variable output directly to a power amp / active speakers can be connected, so the unit can also be used as a pre-amplifier with tonal control.

- The headphone output provides 200mA at 5-10 ohms. It works perfectly with all standard headphones.
- Volume has a control range of -80 dB to +20, Channel balance 0.4 <
- Balance adjustment + / - 10 db
- Sound tuning operates at low frequencies from 100 Hz (10 dB range) and high freq. from 8 kHz (10 dB range)
- Defeat button bypasses both tonal and balance control.

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