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Vero 50ex

  • Model: MIT | Vero 50ex
  • Shipping Weight: 5kg

MIT | Vero 50ex | Headphone Amplifier

High Current, Class A/B extended range Headphone Amp with Multipole™ Technology

The moniker Vero 50ex denotes 50 poles of articulation and the lower case “ex” calls attention to the extra performance provided by MIT Multipole™ technology. This is the first time Multipole™ has ever been used on active circuits. The results are nothing less than astonishing. Silent Power™ is delivered by three Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries to create the deepest, blackest background. Similar to the experience of looking at stars from a remote mountain top, minute audio details are readily identified against the velvet black space battery power provides.

Features & Benefits:

Silent Power™–Battery powered supply circuit for super low noise floor
3 Watts of class AB power
10k input impedance for high current applications
47 ohm output for enhanced stability
Frequency response: +/- 1/2 dbu from 3Hz to 60kHz for any type of critical listening
Gain = 13dB or a ratio of 20X for extra headroom
Hi/Lo Gain Switch: for use with low impedance high sensitivity headphones to reduce circuit noise
X talk -80 @ 1kHz keeps images crisp and clear
11.5” X 8.5” X 2.5” size makes use and storage easy and transporting easier
6.0 lbs– can sit on any surface without fear of overloading
Signal to noise: >88dBu for best low level resolution
1/8th inch and RCA inputs for ease of use on most equipment
1/4 inch outputs are robust and extremely easy to use
4-pin XLR output included for premium connectivity
Charger included

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