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DR 200SE2 Black

  • Model: Atoll DR 200SE2 Black
  • Shipping Weight: 7.5kg

Atoll DR 200SE2 - remote controlled high-end cd-drive unit

The DR 200SE@ is ATOLL a new record in the league of our own CD players. According to the ATOLL reference classit has, in addition to the front plate 8mm further highlights such as the electronic 192kHz/24Bit converter PCM1794 Burr-Brown with balanced differential signal processing which allows you to experience new sonic heights.
Pure audio transport from TEAC.
160 VA toroidal transformer dedicated to output stages.
15 VA transformer dedicated to digital stages.
7 regulated supplies with one specific for the converter.
BURR-BROWN PCM1794 converter
24bits/192 kHz, 8x oversampling
129 dB dynamic, 129 dB signal/noise
sorties différentielles en courant
Curent/voltage converters with bipolar transistors.
MKP condensators.
Output differential stages with discrete components polarized on A class.
CD text
Remote control

Power supply : 15+160 VA
Output stages : 17 000 µF
Output Impedance : 2,5 VRMS
Converter (D/A) : 220 Ώ
Digital Output : 24 Bit / 192 kHz
Signal/Noise : Coaxiale
Frequency response : 120 dB
Distortion ta 1kHz : (< 0,002 %)
Frequency response : (5–20 kHz)
Rising time : 1,5 µs
Dimensions (mm) : 440x280x90
Weight : 7,5 kg

Available in black or silver.


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