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DR 400SE Black

  • Model: Atoll DR 400SE Black
  • Shipping Weight: 9kg

Atoll CD 400SE - remote controlled high-end cd-drive unit

The new end of the story of Atoll! Front loading, Philips CD drive Pro, fully symmetrical design and DAC in one. And visually an absolute eye-catcher!
CD PRO Drive (top loader) mounted on suspension
Specific 170 VA toroidal transformer for audio stages
8 regulated power Supplies
2 digital-to-analog 24bits/192kHz converters (1 for each channel)BURR BROWN PCM1794
(dynamic of 132dB)
Output differential stages with discrete components
10mm Aluminium Front panel
Symetrical XLR and line Output
Digital Input (coax. & optical) allows to use the CD as a converter
Digital Output (coax. & optical)
Remote Control

Total of capacitors: 22 500F
Rising Time: 1,5F
Bandwidth: 5Hz-20kHz
Output Level: 3Vrms
Signal/Noise Ratio: 125dB
Distortion at 1kHz: 0,001%
Dimensions: 430*320*90mm
Weight: 9 Kg

Available in black or silver.


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