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  • Model: Technics | SU-C550
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Technics | SU-C550 | Premium Class All-in-One Audio Amplifier.

All-in-one network CD stereo amplifier assembled under perfect harmony of HiFi and stylish in truly essential compact design.

JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization):

Jitter is a major cause of distortion in digital systems, and is caused by mis-timing in the master clocks used in digital-to-analogue conversion. To eliminate the degradation of sound caused by jitter, Technics has developed an original jitter reduction circuit, comprising a clock generator in the noise-shaping system to reduce jitter in the low-frequency range and a high-precision sample rate converter for suppressing jitter in the high-frequency range. Thus it reduces jitter in an ideal way over the entire frequency range. This works with a newly-developed and original high-precision PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) conversion circuit, optimising the noise-shaping speed, the degree and requantisation error, and the PWM gradation, in order to convert high-resolution signals to PWM without causing any damage to the dynamic range. These new technologies enable new Technics digital amplifier designs to reproduce the natural and delicate nuances of music.

LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration):

LAPC is an original Technics speaker load adaptive technology. It measures the amp's frequency amplitude phase characteristics with speakers connected to the unit, and performs digital signal processing to achieve the ideal impulse response.

Twin Power Supply Circuit System:

Regular power supplies use one transformer to supply power to the amp, CD drive, and digital circuits, and so if there is any load fluctuation or if noise occurs on a circuit, other circuits are affected, which results in degradation of the sound quality. This power supply system includes independently installed switch mode power supply circuitry for the amp and the other circuits, which eliminates mutual interference, thereby reducing degradation of sound quality caused by noise or power supply fluctuations.

Battery Driven Clock Generator:

In digital audio, improvement in the precision of the clock, which serves as the reference for operation, is extremely important for achieving high sound quality. But noise from the power supply for the clock circuit can become an issue. Technics employs the battery-operated clock circuit that was used successfully in our analogue amps in the past. As a result, clock precision was improved, realizing a more defined sound presence and superb spatial expression.

Digital Noise Isolation Architecture:

The SU-C550 receives audio signals from various digital content devices, such as NAS, PC, USB memory devices and digital interfaces. Because many of the digital content storage media are designed for use with PCs, low noise – which is required for pure audio reproduction – was not the main design concern. To handle these often noisy sources, the SU-C550 isolates the interfaces for these media to exclude external electrical interference, and also employs a jitter remover(includes JENO-LSI), thus offering clear and stable sound, free from noise and distortion.

Wi-Fi Capability:

Connection is possible to a home network via a LAN cable or wireless configuration (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n). The built-in Wi-Fi function lets you easily connect to the network without routing a LAN cable even if your PC or broadband router is set up in another room.

Bluetooth® Capability:

The Bluetooth® function allows easy streaming from a Bluetooth®-ready device.

TIDAL, Spotify and vTuner Supported
In addition to DLNA and USB playback, TIDAL, Spotify* Connect and vTuner* are supported. For vTuner, use the Technics Music App to select stations and listen to a wide variety of broadcasts.

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