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DP-1 (1x Pair)

  • Model: Lyngdorf DP-1
  • Shipping Weight: 41.8kg

The DP-1 is a true little jewel. This elegant and slim line floorstanding dipole loudspeaker will deliver midrange and treble with an effortlessness and musicality you have never heard before.
The DP-1 is intended to be used in a Lyngdorf 2+2 set-up - where you combine it with a BassDirect speaker to deliver the bass.

When we started developing the DP-1 we took a serious look into one of the largest problem for loudspeakers - the cabinet itself - and simply removed it. The speaker cabinet was originally invented as an easy way of obtaining deep bass from a small speaker system. But a cabinet is resonant and vibrant and thus makes a lot of unwanted contribution to the sound. Therefore, the cabinet advantage of extended bass has severe costs in degradation of all the octaves above, especially the upper bass and midrange. And since we did not need bass from the DP-1 the choice was easy. Furthermore, the air inside a cabinet works like a "spring" attached to the cone and like a real spring actually works as a mechanical "brake", holding back the driver unit when it starts to move. This actually drains energy from the drive units which obviously compromises dynamics, attack and precision.

We had no doubts when it came to choosing the tweeter for the DP-1 … the legendary Revelator from Scan Speak was the obvious driver. Only the large face-plate of the original Revelator did not fit into our design, since it would need to be placed further away from the woofer. So, in order to obtain a seamless transition to the midrange frequencies we chose a smaller face plate. The 25mm textile dome is coated several times to achieve the desired combination of dynamic linearity and resonance damping, the result being an incredibly smooth, linear, dynamic and amazingly transparent sound. The driver’s Symmetric Drive Technology - the copper ring in the magnet gap - practically eliminates electrical phase shift as well as lowers distortion significantly.

Seas magnesium cone woofer
Basically there are two ways to control break-up modes in a cone:

1.Making the cone extremely stiff so that break-ups occur away from the frequency range in which the cone is used. Break-ups are then filtered away with a notch filter in the crossover.
2.Making the cone break up ”gently” with small, well damped and well distributed break-ups over a wide frequency range.
The magnesium cone belongs the first category and works without break-ups all the way to 4kHz - way beyond the frequency range where it is used. This makes for extremely low distortion as well as a very open and detailed midrange for optimum voice re-play.

The basket is also made of magnesium, for several very good reasons:

1.It makes it possible to create a very open basket which ensures optimum airflow at low frequencies, and reduces reflections at high frequencies.
2.Since magnesium is a non-magnetic material, the magnetic force from the magnet does not spread out in the basket but stays concentrated around the voice coil, ensuring that the strongest possible magnetic field is present where it is needed.
The pole piece holds a copper ring in the magnet gap in order to reduce eddy currents. This reduces iron distortion and inductance. The result is significantly improved impulse response and reduced distortion.

In the center of the cone you find a solid metal center plug.
It replaces the traditional dust cap, not only making the cone lighter and subjectively faster sounding, but also eliminating over and under pressure developing behind the dust cap when the cone moves back and forth. The advantage here is a more dynamic and precise sound quality.
The solid metal center plug also has a cooling effect on the voice coil. This gives greater power handling and increased sonic stability when playing at high volume levels.
When a voice coil heats up, the impedance increases which means that the output will decrease and the crossover point to the tweeter moves. So, maintaining a stable temperature in the voice coil is essential for optimum sound reproduction.

Finally the cone is fitted with low-loss natural rubber suspension for improved low level clarity and detail.

The front baffle is craftsman-manufactured in a beautiful piano-gloss finish, comprising no less than 10 layers of lacquer, each polished to a deep, black, glossy finish.

As always at Lyngdorf we have chosen extremely high quality drivers in order to make a minimum of corrections in the cross-over network.
So, the cross-over in the DP-1 is a 2nd order filter configuration using foil capacitors and air coils. The advantages of using low order filters is that both electrical and phase angles are kept at minimum values - something that is of great importance, both in terms of sound quality and the eventual load on the amplifier.

The new Lyngdorf DP-1 speakers have no cabinet, just a stylish front baffle on which the drivers are mounted. This - in combination with the selection of some of the best drivers available - results is an extremely open, detailed and dynamic musicality completely free for traditional cabinet-induced smear and coloration.

Tweeter 1in Dome
Woofer 6 1/2in
Frequency range 300-22k Hz
Crossover frequency 2.2k Hz
Sensitivity 89 dB (2.8V/1M)
Impedance 4 Ohm
H x W x D (in wihout foot): 42.1 x 10.2 x 3,7
H x W x D (in with foot): 42.1 x 11.1 x 14.6
H x W x D (mm without foot): 1069 x 259 x 94
H x W x D (mm with foot): 1069 x 282 x 371
Weight per speaker (lb/kg): 46/20.9


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