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Callas Cherry (1x Pair)

  • Model: Opera Callas Cherry (1x Pair)
  • Shipping Weight: 54kg

Opera Callas (1x Pair) in Cherry finish

Employing two mid/bass units, the Diva is a smaller version of the Divina but retains much of the larger models scale and authority and all of the style and finish. Deep bass, an open midrange and sweet treble define its sophisticated sound. It offers a taste of real high-end sound and unrivalled elegance at its reasonable price.

System: Bookshelf and Stand Bass Reflex , rear ducts
Finishing: wood and hide
Front Sistem Loudspeakers 1 woofer 5 with magnesium cone, Excel Magnet, solid copper phase
Doublet: 2 tweeters with a 1 Sonotex dome, neodymium, ferrofluid,
decompression chamber
Rear System : 3 tweeters (the same as front system) with grid
Design: Two way bass reflex+ rear triple tweeters
Frequency response 32 -25000 Hz
Cross-over On Printed Circuit Board
12 dB/octave for the woofers
18 dB/octave for the il front tweeter
12 dB/octave for the rear Triplet (2kHz high pass)
Cross-over frequency around 1500 Hz
Maximum power: 250 Watt RMS (no clipping)
Suggested amplifier: From 10 Watt RMS
Sensitivity 86 dB/2.83 Volt/1 metre
Nominal impedance 4 ohm (Zmin >3.2 ohm)

Full specifications can be found on the pdf file down below.


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