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Mezza MKII Piano Black (1x Pair)

  • Model: Opera Mezza MKII Piano Black (1x Pair)
  • Shipping Weight: 16kg

The Mezza MKII is the least expensive model in the Opera catalogue - but donít let this deceive you! Itís already being hailed as a classic, offering impeccable build quality and a big, open and generous sound that belies its modest size and price tag. It's already the recipient of Five Star reviews and awards around the world. Designed and built in Italy, the Mezza is an excellent example of what can be achieved with good quality materials and good design. The Mezza embodies the commitment of Opera to provide highest quality products at an affordable price. A real gem. Available in cherry, mahogany or (to special order) in piano black lacquer.

Available in piano black or cherry finish.


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