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  • Model: Acoustic Solid WTB 1
  • Shipping Weight: 40kg

The WTB I is a loudspeaker system with active bass support.

The system works with a broadband speaker on a transmission line and is supplemented in the super high-frequency range by a ribbon tweeter.

The full-range speaker operates over the entire frequency range and is linearly impedance-linearized only.

Due to this conception, the speaker system is characterized by a unique spatiality, transparency and room image.

Due to the outstanding omnidirectional behavior, the installation of this system is completely uncritical.

Due to the high efficiency, the WTB I speaker system is optimally suited to be controlled with a tube amplifier.

Impedance: 12 Ohm

Sensitivity: 95 dB

Frequency range: 25 Hz - 25 kHz


Loudspeaker system:

1340(H) x 500(B) x 200(T) mm

Bass box:

310(H) x 310(B) x 310(T) mm


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