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Arabesque Minissimo | Pair

  • Model: CrystalConnect | Arabesque Minissimo | Pair
  • Shipping Weight: 36kg


Small speakers are often described as sounding big – but sounding “big” is actually the result of exaggeration and additive coloration, aberrations that obscure the true structure of music and become frustrating over time. The MINISSIMO doesn’t need to sound “big” because it has so little sound of its own. CrystalConnect’s low-loss approach produces musical structure and low frequency information so clearly and correctly from this small cabinet that you’ll be astonished by the engaging sense of musical communication, scale and authority that it delivers. Little speakers never sounded so natural, your recordings will never have sounded so vivid and alive.This combined with it's integrated stand and monocrystal internal wiring resulted in a compact speaker of unprecedented performance at a lower price than even we thought was possible. Lastly, the automotive paint finishing makes the MINISSIMO as visually versatile as it is attractive.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Way of operation: Two way full range loudspeaker

CABINET: Cabinet machined from one solid piece of metal compositeSmooth shape minimizes resonance and allows for wide dispersion for easiest in room placementStands with internal dampening includedLow noise bottom port for low distortion bass extensionLaquered in three high-gloss multi layered durable colors

DRIVERS: Special Berilium dome HF loudspeaker with Neodynium rare earth magnetSpecial long through bass loudspeaker with Neodynium rare earth magnet Stereo Matched pairs within 0.5dBCROSS-OVER FILTER:Second Order Natural Sience filter (low Q)Parts: Large Silver-oil capacitors Low loss, low distortion air inductors High purity resistors

INTERNAL WIRING: All CrystalConnect cable solid silver wire

TERMINALS: Single set of WBT NextGen silverSPECIFICATION:Freq. Response 48Hz -38kHz (+/-3dB)Bass power 150WTHD 200Hz-20kHz <0.3% Efficiency 83dB@2.83v in 8OhmsImpedance nom 8 Ohm, min 7 Ohm

The CrystalConnect Arabesque Minissimo is available with or without stands.

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