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  • Model: Ikeda | IS-2T
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Ikeda | IS-2T | High-end aluminum headshell.

The newest headshell Model Nos. IS-2T(W) and IS-2T(B) are the heavy-duty thick head-shells made of Aluminum Alloy by precisely cutting from the solid piece. These head-shells are designed with the highest rigidity succeeding the unique, solid and the dignified shape since the FRís.

The net weight of both IS-2T(W) and IS-2T(B) are 20 grams. The connector is made of Titanium Alloy so that these head-shell are greatly superior, especially in view of the vibration, sympathetic vibration, and resonance.

The lead wires are made of 6N copper (The purity of copper is 99.999999%) and then the connecting points are made with rhodium plating.

The IS-2T(B) black colored head-shell is processed beautifully with polishing by buffing, whereas the IS-2T(W) white colored head-shell is made with a matte finishing. The round-shaped connector can be moved about 3mm in front and behind, and at the same time the positon can be fixed by a M2.6 common Hexagonal screw and then the ground and the countermeasure of noise are well secured by another small screw.

Available in silver or black.


Body : Aluminum Alloy.
Net weight : 20 grams.
Attached lead wire : 6N copper.
Adjustment of overhang: 2 positons movable with 10 mm adjustable.
Adjustment of balance to left and right: Adjustable.
Lock pin: 2 pieces.
Shell terminal: Brilliant Rhodium plating. (10 times costly to gold.)
Lead wire terminal: Brilliant Rhodium plating. (10 times costly to gold.)
Connector: Made of Titanium Alloy by cutting from a solid piece.

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