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  • Model: DS Audio | HS-001
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DS Audio | HS-001, Solid head shell.

- Vertical pin structure achieves uniform pressure of electrical contacts. Contact surface stabilized by spherical washer:

Conventional head shells have the connecting pin attached only to the upper side,
causing uneven contact pressure between the arm and the head shell. However, the HS-001 Solid Head Shell adopts both an upper and lower pin structure, equalizing the pressure on the contacts and applying force evenly across the connection to the tonearm. Moreover, by using the spherical head shell washer developed by DS Audio independently at the contact point with the tonearm, stable contact is achieved over the entire circumference of the contact point, providing improved stability and resonance control.

- Machined Ultra Duraluminum:

DS Audio precision machines each HS-001 out of a solid billet of duralumin for the ultimate in rigidity and resonance control.

- Hand soldered Litz signal leads:

After extensive listening tests within the company, DS Audio chose a Japanese made Litz wire. Further advances were realized by hand soldering this delicate lead wire to preserve signal integrity for the optimal in sound performance.

Specifications | HS-001 Solid head shell:

Material: Ultra duralumin
Connector part: Aluminum
Connector terminal: Gold plating
Connector terminal: Gold plating
External dimensions: H 21 W 40 D 55 mm (excl connector part and protrusion part)
Weight approx: 10.5 g (excluding shell lead wire)
Shell lead wire: Litz wire 4N φ 0.08 x 10 x 3 yore rings
Screw: Stainless steel bolt; M 2.6 L 8 2, M 2.6 L 12 2

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