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Prodigy Plus

  • Model: Keith Monks | Prodigy Plus
  • Shipping Weight: 5kg

Keith Monks | Prodigy Plus | Precision Record Cleaning Machine.

Same as the Prodigy Natural only with the motor / pump of the Blue Deluxe and its cleaning time.

Keith Monks: the World's First and Finest Vinyl Record and Digital Discs Cleaning Machines. Next generation record restoration and preservation. Making records and digital discs sound better since 1969.


• Unique Universal Disc Cleaner for 12" 10" & 7" records and 5" digital discs
• New Unique Threadless Point Suction system for easier, even better performance
• Breaking the price barrier for Precision Record Cleaning
• Precise, peerlessly effective wash and dry, one turn at a time
• Both sides of an LP clean and ready to play in under 5 minutes
• Zero Re-Contamination - every record, every time
• Super Silent operation
• Compact 55 x 22cm / 21" x 9" footprint for even the smallest home
• Perfect for customer DIY cleaning in store, or to rent out
• Cool running 12V for use worldwide
• The original BBC-Monks system - trusted by the world’s greatest libraries
• From the inventors of electric record cleaning - making records sound (even) better since 1969
• The way the professionals do it. Miniaturised.
• For best deep clean results, use Keith Monks discOvery Natural Precision biodegradable cleaning fluids.

Keith Monks Eco|AudioTM - naturally audiophile:

• Compact cabinet, main hardware, washing accessories and lid cover,
all crafted from bamboo
• Natural is No Compromise: bamboo is naturally low resonance, noise
absorbing, anti-static, moisture resistant, robust, hard wearing, looks
great and blends well with both traditional and modern decors
• Sustainable, renewable natural resource
• Natural finish of each cabinet and bamboo fiitting is unique
• Builds on the worldwide success of Keith Monks discOvery Natural
Precision biodegradable record cleaning fluids.


Power supply: 12V 5A, input 100-250V 50/60Hz (PSU with universal IEC input & regionable cable supplied)
Cleaning time LP: 5 minutes
Dimensions (main cabinet): 55W x 14H x 22D cm, 22"W x 6"H x 9"D inches (deck fittings and lid cover add 9 cm 3" to height)
Weight: 5 kgs, 11 lbs.

Keith Monks Accessories:

Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids Best-ever deep cleaning from your Machine – yet contains no alcohols or artificial chemicals, just pure natural biodegradable ingredients.

- Keith Monks discOvery33/45 - Natural Precision record cleaning fluid for vinyl records (6x 1000ml).
- Keith Monks discOvery78 - Natural Precision record cleaning fluid for 78s and other shellac records (6x 1000ml).

- Keith Monks discOvery BreakTheMold - pre-wash concentrate spot cleaner / stylus cleaner / system flush (6x 500ml):

• Treats mold (mould) build up on all poorly stored records plus any extra stubborn sticky marks and stains.
• Work manually into the affected area, then wash and dry as normal.
• Effective stylus cleaner: apply (carefully !) using Eco|Roller.
• System flush: vacuum 3 tbl spoons through your system monthly to keep all tubes and fittings clean.

- Keith Monks discOvery FinylVinylTM - Precision rinsing liquid (after washing) (6x 1000ml).
- Keith Monks discOvery SixMixTM - Precision rinsing liquid (after washing) (6x 1000ml).

Precision Record Cleaning Brushes:

Wet-clean brushes with unique ultra fine tapered bristles for best-ever deep cleaning of all types of records.
As used on the professional Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines.

- Keith Monks discOvery7 - cleaning brush for 7" records (45rpm singles).
- Keith Monks discOvery10 - cleaning brush for 10" records (LPs and 78s).
- Keith Monks discOvery12 - cleaning brush for 12" records (LPs and 12" singles).
- Keith Monks discOvery16 - cleaning brush for 16" records (LPs).

Pyr/Mat Stay-Clean Precision Record Cleaning Turntable Mats:

Keep your records clean - while they're being cleaned.

The unique Pyr/Mat supports the disc on the tips of an array of mini 'pyramids'. Dust from an unclean record side falls away into the gaps inbetween the pyramids. Stops the just-cleaned side getting recontaminated with dust when you flip over, and made slightly undersize to stop excess fluid spreading underneath the disc rim. 3 sizes for 7”, 10” and 12” records.

- Keith Monks Pyr/Mat7 - record cleaning mat for 7" singles.
- Keith Monks Pyr/Mat10/12 - record cleaning mat for 10" LPs and 78s.
- Keith Monks Pyr/Mat10/12 - record cleaning mat for 12" LPs and 12" singles.

- Monks WashAdaptor 7 - Plug-in brush holder / fluid applicator for 7 “45s.
- Monks WashAdaptor 10 - Plug-in brush holder / fluid applicator for 10 “78 mm.
- Monks WashAdaptor 12/16 - Plug-in brush holder / fluid applicator for 12 “PCBs.

- DiscOvery Eco | RollerTM (set of 4 pcs.) - Microfiber cleaning set for washing, rinsing and drying Records.
- DiscOveryTM MicroPadTMDL (set of 20 pcs.) - Microfiber dusters.
- DiscOvery CleanCounterTM (set of 480 pcs.) - Record cleaning history label system.
- DiscOvery MakeTheLinkTM (set of 2 pcs.) -
Contact & connector cleaning system.

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