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B-305+ Black

  • Model: Densen B-305+ Black
  • Shipping Weight: 12kg

The B-305 is the exciting new power amplifier from Densen, aimed both at pre/power combinations, and as a bi-amp amplifier in connection with the Densen integrated amplifiers. It contains an advanced power amplifier with 2 x 60W in 8 ohms, and 2 x 120W in 4 ohms.

Due to a huge power supply, the B-305 can drive most loads with an ease that belies its modest size, while retaining a truly musical sound, which is in the best Densen tradition.

B-305 contains selectable gain, to allow easy use in a minimalist system with a CD player with variable volume as source.

B-305 also has an internal socket for the SAXO crossover to allow upgrade to an active system.

Naturally, all in- and outputs are made of gold-plated connectors, and it has custom-made capacitors as well as all the other unique qualities that characterize a true Densen design.

Power output in 8 ohms: 2x60W
Power output in 4 ohms: 2x120W
Power supply size: 360VA
Storage capacity: 20.000uF
THD + Noise @ rated output: Less than 0.1%
Weight/shippingweight: 12/14 Kg
Product dimensions (WxDxH): 440x310x64mm


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