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T-60 DO

  • Model: Hanss Acoustics T-60 DO
  • Shipping Weight: 58.6kg

Hanss Acoustics T-60 high-end magnetic bearing external motor pod silicon belt driven turntable, deck only (tone arm + phono cartridge not included).

Incl. Hanss Acoustics SC-30 ultra precise turntable speed controller.

The Hanss Acoustics T-60 high performance turntable motor unit offers a superb audio deal for a very modest cost considering the milli-spec tolerance fit, high-end grade finish and staggering sonic qualities delivered. As standard Hanss Acoustics turntables come with a choice of two arm platforms, a variable pitch VTA (variable tone arm) mount platform (range 20-25mm), with the VTA mount platform being silicon damped and a SME cnc cut mount platform. The T-60 has an unique built in speed measuring strobe and digital speed readout, which runs on a 9v battery pack rather than using mains power in order to provide totally accurate speeds. The Hanss Acoustics brushed aluminium external SC-30 speed control unit has two speed adjusting controls on the front panel, selectable speeds are 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm. The 3 large magnetic cnc milled pillar feet allow for individual exact, precise leveling of the turntable deck and the magnetic bearing guarantees an extremely smooth ride for the platter. The platter is driven by 2x external motor pods using 6x silicon drive belts. The sonic qualities that can be obtained from the Hanss Acoustics T-60 turntable must be heard to be believed. Copyright by SOLID STATE AUDIO.

Type: Rigid Turnable Standalone Motor
Platter: 2000mm CNC Aluminum 19kg hardcoat Anodized
Bearing: Magnetic Suspension Low Friction Bearing with Stainless Steel Ball
Chassis: CNC precision cut aluminum acrylic sandwich
Color: Brush aluminum reflective Black
Thickness: 10/20/10/10/20/6/20/10mm
Magnetic Suspension adjustable feet
Motor: Dual Synchronized European AC Motor,
Housing: Aluminum,
Speed: 33.3rpm/45rpm GRS system
Pulley: Acrylic adjustable
Belt: 6PC silicon
Additional Features: SC-30 Speed Controller
VTA: 20-25mm Range
Tonearm Base: Suitable for SME Tonearms
Total Weight: 58.6 Kgs
Dimension: 635mm x 435mm x 282mm
Record Clamp
Acrylic Stroboscope
Level Meter


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