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ECC88 Cool Valve Diamond (1x)

  • Model: EAT ECC88 Cool Valve Diamond (1x)
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The EAT ECC88 is a special quality double triode. The tube satisfies the specifications in accordance with MIL-E-1/1J168 (NAVY) from 18.6.1958.

Tight tolerances: In these tubes the tolerance of electrical ratings are reduced in comparision with standard tubes.

Vibration and shock proof: The tube withstands accelerationns of 2,5 g at 50Hz for lenghty periods and momentary shocks of 500g for short periods.

Cathode free from Interface: The cathode establishes no interface even in case where the heated tube is operated without plate current over lenghty periods.

Heather voltage: The average heather voltage should be 6,3 V.

Variations of the heather voltage exceeding the range of 6,0 V to 6,6 V will shorten the tube life. The tolerance of heather current (column II) should be taken into account.

Substitutes: E88CC, 6DJ8, 6922


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