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Konstant Eins

  • Model: Transrotor | Konstant Eins
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5kg

Transrotor | Konstant Eins regulated power supply unit and speed controller.

The entry level of our external motor control units. Speeds (33 or 45 rpm) can be selected on the Konstant Eins, there is a separate fine adjustment available for both speeds. The housing is made of hand polished aluminum.

The line frequency typically fluctuates about 5%. When using the standard non-regulated Transrotor power supply unit this directly affects the turntable's speed accuracy since the line frequency is the timing reference for the AC motor used by the turntable.

The Transrotor | Konstant Eins regulated power supply unit and speed controller generates the required frequency itself and with great precision and accuracy, totally independent of AC line quality. The increase in sonic performance is very noticeable indeed.

A Transrotor regulated power supply and speed controller is the most important sonic upgrade for your turntable.


Digital electronic speed control designed to drive 1 Transrotor motor pod
Selector: On/Off, 33.3rpm and 45rpm
Fine adjustable speeds: 33.3 and 45rpm
Full aluminium polished enclosure
Suitable for Transrotor turntables from 2002 and up

Recommended for: Max, Jupiter, ZET 1 (with 1-motor), Dark Star and Dark Star

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