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ZET-3 MKII DO | Gold

  • Model: Transrotor | Transrotor ZET-3 MKII | Gold
  • Shipping Weight: 34kg

Transrotor | ZET-3 MKII | Gold | Deck only (tonearm + cartridge not included).

<<< ZET-3 MKII Gold version, all metal parts are gold-plated, available upon special order >>>

Sophisticated decline of the already highly imaginative ZET-2 model, the ZET-3 MKII is a new demonstration of Transrotor's talent to take advantage of the best materials and the most advanced machining techniques in order to put them at the service of a unique combination of design and performance.

The use of a chassis in sandwich structure with an aluminum core covered by two plates of acrylic material allows not only to add a beauty to a fascinating product but to further enhance the richness and vitality of it's sound.

Chassis high polished, 24K gold plated, 3 adjustable spikes, 12 kg 70mm platter, 24K Gold plated with carbon-acrylic surface, 4 kg bearing, double synchronous motor with separate power supply unit.

A Transrotor ZET-3 MKII can be upgraded with up to 2x separate tonearms, 2x motor units in push-pull configuration driven by the Konstant M-2 Reference power supply unit and optional TMD magnetic bearing.

The TMD bearing upgrade is an optional upgrade to replace the standard ZET-3 MKII bearing with a TMD (Transrotor Magnetic Drive) bearing.

The TMD bearing consists of two halves. The lower one is fixed to the axle and driven by the belt. The upper one sits in ball bearings to carry the platter. Coupling between the two halves is magnetic via small embedded but very powerful Neodymium magnets which are properly shielded to prevent exposing the cartridge to their radiated fields. As the motor rotates the lower half, the magnetic field drags the upper half with it. TMD makes the ZET-3 MKII quieter, more engaging, more involving and more dynamic.

Features and specifications:

- Chassis is a multiple layer design, acryl + aluminium + acryl
- Polished aluminum plate sandwiched between two carbon acrylic plates
- Adjustable 3 spike system
- 70mm, 12 kg platter with a carbon-acrylic surface
- 4 kg inverted hydro-dynamic bearing
- Double synchronous motor
- Motor without contact to chassis
- TMD bearing optional
- Upgradable with up to 2x separate tonearms
- Upgradable to a two motor (push-pull) set-up
- Platter weight: Aluminium, 24K gold plated
- Dimensions approx. w 45 x d 40 x h 25 cm
- Weight approx. 34 kg
- Available in black/gold or white/gold finish

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