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  • Model: Transrotor | Jupiter
  • Shipping Weight: 20kg

Transrotor | Jupiter | 4x configurations (selected by Transrotor) available:

Jupiter-1: Transrotor | Jupiter, deck only (tonearm and cartridge not included), incl. platter weight aluminium.

Jupiter-2: Transrotor | Jupiter, incl. Rega RB 220 tonearm, Transrotor Uccello MM cartridge and platter weight aluminium.

Jupiter-3: Transrotor | Jupiter, incl. Rega RB 880 tonearm, Transrotor Uccello MM cartridge, Transrotor Konstant Eins PSU, 2nd Transrotor Jupiter dampend platter and platter weight aluminium.

Jupiter-4: Transrotor | Jupiter, incl. TMD bearing, Reed 1H tonearm, FineWire | C37 Cryo Ag-4N | Stereo length 125cm | TAC-5 to RCA tonearm cable, Transrotor Merlo MC cartridge, Transrotor Konstant Eins PSU, 2nd Transrotor Jupiter dampend platter and platter weight aluminium.

Turntable lovers have been begging for a ZET-1 baby and the Transrotor Jupiter is that turntable and with a little extra than the MAX: More dampening for a quieter soundstage, isolated plinth. All handcrafted by one of the oldest turntable companies in the world. Massive and polished. This new bargain table from Transrotor is more dramatic than many competitors top-of-the-line.

The Jupiter features an inverted bearing with a novel bearing-lubrication system that continually supplies the bearing with oil.

The Transrotor Jupiter can be upgraded with a Jupiter dampend platter, the infinitely variable adjustable 9" up-to 12" MASSIV tonearm base, Konstant PSU and TMD magnetic bearing.

The TMD bearing upgrade is an optional upgrade to replace the standard Jupiter bearing with a TMD (Transrotor Magnetic Drive) bearing.

The TMD bearing consists of two halves. The lower one is fixed to the axle and driven by the belt. The upper one sits in ball bearings to carry the platter. Coupling between the two halves is magnetic via small embedded but very powerful Neodymium magnets which are properly shielded to prevent exposing the cartridge to their radiated fields. As the motor rotates the lower half, the magnetic field drags the upper half with it. TMD makes the Jupiter quieter, more engaging, more involving and more dynamic.

Features and specifications:

- Solid acryl chassis
- Aluminium platter, approx. 7kg
- Motor without contact to chassis
- TMD bearing optional
- 2nd dampened acryllic platter optional
- Platter weight: Aluminium
- Dimensions approx. 44 x 17 x 33 cm
- Weight approx. 20 kg

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